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Where'd My Post Go?

February 03rd, 2010

You may be looking at the site right now and thinking to yourself, "Where did my Post go?"


Well, dear users, we'll tell you. Recently we've decided to change the time limit for posts from 60 days (yes, it's in the fine print) to 90 days! Yay! That's 30 more days for your money!


Now,  the bad news....


In order to make that change, we had to fix some site code and that pulled down all of the ads that had already hit the 60 day limit. So, technically, ads that had reached their limit (that we were letting slide for a month) came down.


And that's where your post went. Sorry if that took you by surprise, but we're changing the language on the site and ALL POSTS WILL NOW BE POSTED FOR 90 DAYS, FOR THE 1.99 POSTING FEE...and that's a groovy, economical thing.

If you have any questions, please contact us at:

[email protected]


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