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Some great "Ex" sites

March 07th, 2010

It seems really odd that Google alerts would send us a notification about the results of a "Bing" search, especially considering that they are competing search engines, but that's exactly what happened.  The search was for the word "Ex-Boyfriend" and we were the top result!  Very cool.  BUT it's the other results we want to share cuz there is some GOOD stuff:

 First - Exboyfriend Collection - a great selection of cute, funny and original graphic t-shirts.  A few of our favorites:



Next up:  Did you know there was a website called eNotAlone?  Neither did we!  The Bing search gave a link to their relationship section and there's some really good reading their!  eNotAlone - Relationships

And, maybe my favorite, the Wikipedia definition of "Ex" just incase you don't already know - Ex (relationship)

We may just have to do the occasional Bing search.  Thanks Google!



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