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"Scammer" after a user name.

October 18th, 2011


We add the word "Scammer" to a user name if we've removed that user from the site for fraudulent behavior.


We also do it to publicly shame them and to let aboveboard users, such as yourselves, know NOT to do business with that individual.


So, There. That's what that's all about :)



Stay safe, Exbfj users!


Megahn and Marie


Thank you for looking out, I was suspecting that was a scam
Yes, I appreciate it as well, but exactly where would the word "scammer" be? You said next to a user's name, but as a buyer I would not see that until I invested quite a bit of time, viewing etc., if they are scammer's wouldn't it just be more effective to remove them completely???? As a buyer I would much rather see that than a public "flogging", I find that juvinile, and a waste of my time. They can come back again under another name so what's the point??
Thank you so much for that!
Hey Chat Chat, by the time we've added "Scammer" to the user name, the user has already been removed from the site, his/her ads have been taken down AND that user's information has been sent on to the proper authorities. This is an alert for anyone who is ALREADY in the process of dealing with that user. All this has been done BEFORE we publicly shame them and they are no longer a threat on the site.
I mean, once all the hard work's been done, who doesn't want the public flogging of an online criminal?

Megahn and Marie
john collinge wants to go off site & send money order as he is "on assignment"? hmmmmm
Mistletoe2012 is a scammer. She sent me a fake ring that she is trying to pass off as diamonds set in 14kt gold!! Thank God I paid by credit card. I am disputing this sale. Stay away from her!!!
I agree, those who have scammed usually do the AKA's all the time. It's unfortunate but true. Prior law enforcement taught me much about the way some uncaring soul will take advantage any way they see an opportunity. So Great job!!!!
Thank you! I was trying to contact someone and saw that. I did not send the message.

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