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Broken heart? Search the Web for Fun Sites!

August 22nd, 2009

Thanks for hanging in there with us for the change over, guys!  We really appreciate your support!

When we're not super busy upgrading the site (we know, there are still a few glitches! We're working on it, we promise), or working at our day jobs (come on recession, let up will ya), well, we both do a lot of web surfing. Sometimes we're just looking for cute baby animals doing really cute things, but sometimes we make a concerted effort to find like-minded sites that can do some good for our heart broken users with a little extra time on their hands.

Sooooo....If you're at work or at home pining away and need some relief, check these sites out. They're funny, inspirational and sometimes downright helpful!

Okay, get ready to click through...


Wanna read about other people's awesomely bad first dates? So do we!

A Bad Case of the Dates


If you like, you'll love this shameless plug!

Stuff that's Left Behind


Ever wish you knew what your mama didn't teach you?

Home Ec 101


Hey, How's life with that new baby treatin' ya? We thought so!



An oldy but a goody. Check this lady out for an inspiring story of buying too much and begging people for money online!

Save Karyn


And finally, the link my boyfriend sent me the other day. Just to let me know that he REALLY knows what I want out of a link. That's right, cute baby animals doing really cute things!

Huffington Post


See?  You've stopped pining already.  Now get out there and have a great day!




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