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A Great Blog EVERY GIRL should read...

October 13th, 2009

I'm the first to admit it - our blog has often been an after thought.  Oh, sure, we'd post something every once in a while but we haven't been dilegent about it and sometimes weeks would go by with nary a peep from us.  BUT with the re-launch of the site, we've committed to blogging on a weekly bases (at the very least) and to use our blog to bring information, suggestions, insight and the occassional contest to our users.

Today? A suggestion:

I have fallen in love with this blog.  Ariel, one of their regular bloggers, wrote us a few months ago to say she had posted a piece about our site and thought we'd like to know.  I checked it out, loved it and started to click around, as ya do.  I've been back dozens of times since.  They offer up a range of topics from a core group of dedicated bloggers each posting on their own particular passion or expertise.  One of my favorite contributors is Danielle (aka "The Diplomat") who blogs weekly about her favorite t-shirt designs from a great online company called Threadless (hello future recommendation from me!) as well as a range of other topics: her new puppy, Spa week, music etc.  I'm not sure why I find her musings so endlessly intersting but something about her passion for a great t-shirt keeps me coming back.  That and that fact that she keeps picking adorable prints like this Threadless Teaser 10/12.  I also really liked a recent post by Ingrad aka "The Valley Girl" about coping with stress called How to Stress LESS.

The core contributors range in age from 18 to pushing 30 so it's a decidedly modern-young-woman voice and that's part of what makes it so appealing. Definitely worth a visit...or 12.

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Thank you SO much for the mention here!! I am totally sending this article to my mommy :) Hope to see you around EGB - meanwhile I am definitely going to browse the jewelry here, yay! - The Diplomat

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