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At the shining new, you can put it online and share your story with the world. Here, liberated girlfriends, wives, mistresses, and lovers have a free place to sell, gripe about, and comment on the gilded goods from trysts of old.

Ex-Boyfriend Jewelry swoops in to make you feel vindicated and get you a little pocket money: sell those emotionally tarnished jewels along with many other ladies who can no longer flash those shiny baubles with pride.

...imagine my delight when I heard about This great site where you can not only sell these banished items, but also tell your break-up story. Exboyfriend Jewelry is the brainchild of Megahn Perry and her step-mom Marie. They hatched the idea for the site at the dinner table one night after Megahn had visited local pawn shops and consignment stores to see about selling her "ex" jewelry. It is a fun looking site with some cool features. My favorite is the Good Karma Fund. After you have made a little money on your sale, you can donate a portion of it to the Susan G. Komen Foundation (brilliant ladies!)

The site clearly takes a fun, light-hearted approach to the subject of breakups and is designed for those who are emotionally ready to let go of their ex-boyfriend jewelry, to vent, and to even laugh a little bit about their and other girls' failed romances.

Ex- Boyfriend Jewelry is partially an easy way to sell junk from old relationships and partially a self-help site. For everyone else, it can be an entertaining ride through some serious relationship trainwrecks--and a source of cheap jewelry to give to a new girlfriend.



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