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I just wanted to say thank you for putting together a wonderful website! I have told all my friends about it because I have been looking for something like this for a few years now. I tried to sell my rings on ebay back in 2005 and ended up almost getting scammed and losing about $150. Since then, the rings sat in a safe in my closet. As I was only married for about 6 months, the rings were in beautiful condition and I could not understand why the jeweler wouldn't take them back or why I couldn't get any money from a consignment shop. After only two weeks of the rings being on your website, I sold them for the price I wanted and really connected with the person I sold them to. I felt very comfortable about our transaction and just wanted to personally thank you for making it happen. This website is awesome!

I sold off a few items that I really couldn’t stand to wear and even felt guilty keeping around after moving in with my new boyfriend. I went ahead and bought myself a right hand diamond with the money I earned because, well, I know I’m worth it now. This was better than therapy.
-Portland, ME

I don’t mean to bother you, but I have to praise you on this website that you have created. I have purchased alot of rings on here, and let me tell you, I have gotten bargains that I would never find anywhere else. I just got one carat in diamonds in a ring for $100!!! Some people are looking to make a fortune and some are looking to just get rid of their stuff at a cheap giveaway price and that’s how I can certainly enhance my jewelry collection without breaking my wallet and looking like a million.

Thank you so much - and I loved the article in People magazine!!! I wish I would have thought of the idea, but KUDOS to you both!!! I can’t thank you enough for all the beautiful jewelry that I am getting!

My friend saw an article about this website. I quickly put my old engagement ring up and two days later sold it!! I am so happy to finally have it paid off. Thank you so much!

I just want to let you know that I have a new favorite piece of jewelry. It is unique, gorgeous exactly the right price for me. It was someone’s engagement ring that never made it down the aisle. One of my girlfriends asked me if it had any bad mojo and I said if it did it doesn’t now because I am just filling it with love and happy feelings :) Anyway, thank you. Your site is awesome, fun and affordable. I will try not to come visit you too often.
-Satisfied ring customer

I just wanted to tell you guys how fantastic you’re website is!! I heard about it on WTMX 101.9 the mix on my way home from work and I knew I had to check it out! I had be searching for a way to get rid of my ring from my past relationship and this kinda just smacked me in the face! The second I got home, I found the ring, I posted an AD and less than an hour later I had a buyer! Laura is now the proud owner of my seven sapphire promise ring! I am so pleased. Not only does it go somewhere to someone who will wear it and love it, but it’s a great conversation piece, and I got paid for it! Thank you so much!!! I am telling ALL of my girlfriends.

I am a college student (that means no money) but I love to give good gifts. I’ve just bought a lovely tennis bracelet for a friend’s wedding and a ring for my boyfriend at really good prices. This is a great idea!! Yay, for good gifts at even better prices.

Love this site!! I was first drawn there by the cathartic and therapeutic aspect of being able to dish about my past break-ups, but am so happy with the jewelry I’ve found for myself!! I posted 2 rings for sale - and sold the first within 2 days. It was so nice to see a gift from my past, which I had less than favorable memories about, gain a new happy life with someone else - leaving me a bit wealthier in the process! Basically, whether you go for the jewelry or the dish, its a win-win!
-Michele S., LA, CA

By the way...We looooove Haikus. Thanks, user Hootchie Mama

ExBoyfriend Jewelry Haiku by Hootchie Mama

Cash for my heartbreak
Quick post sold PayPaled me dough
Money for veneers
Just a quick message to let you know I LOVE your site! I saw you on the today rings have been hanging out in my safe deposit box for over a year now so I’ll be posting soon! Thanks again - reading about others’ experiences is total therapy

And from another happy user:

“Why the hell not?” I thought. The concept was simple, yet oh so appealing… sell off my old relationship for some quick cash! And that’s exactly what I did. I sold all 4 pieces I listed in 3 days with simple and easy transactions. This weekend I plan on going through my stuff and listing tons more It’s easy and I get some sort of weird gratification off of making money this way.

Ex-boyfriend Jewelry,
I was about as surprised that I had a message from someone wanting to buy my Mickey Mouse watch as I was to receive a Mickey Mouse watch as a gift from my ex. But there it was; a real offer to buy the watch by a woman who has a thing for Disney. My reply back to her was “Really?” But I’ve got the money in my PayPal account as proof of her interest and now I’m looking to spend it on something for me!


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