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For Sale 2012-10-11 By: samantha88w
Bling Bling Bling

The Scoop:

*I tried to upload my images a few times, so if you are interested I'd me MORE THAN HAPPY to email you pictures*
I was engaged to marry my high school sweetheart, wedding date set and all! But his family was less than supportive & after being treated like I wasn't good enough for five years I had had enough! Now I'm madly in love with my boyfriend of almost two years & I will spend the rest of my life with him! So these rings gotta go, I really have no reason to hang onto them anymore!

Jewelry Description:

Below is a link to the ring sold by Kay Jewelers:

Jewelry Rating:

The engagment ring is a 1.5 ct & size 6 white gold.

Condition: very good

Price: $1750

Location: Palm Desert, California View Map