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For Sale 2014-08-07 By: prettyeyes2211
pure 24k indian gold clasp bangle- 16 grams

The Scoop:

I married a creature in 2010. The marriage lasted 2.5 years. He was confused about his sexuality. I'm young and beautiful... I did not want to waste more time so after going back and forth with him I decided to literally pick up and leave when he was not around. He knew it was coming. Packed my clothes, shoes, beauty products and my cat and the rest is history. My cat touched me more than he ever did. On to the next REAL man!

Jewelry Description:

So this bangle was given as a gift from his family during our engagement. It is pure 24k gold white and yellow gold. Etched/textured. Stamped 999. Weighs 16 grams. Scrap value is almost $700 but this is not scrap... it is beautifully made and would run double at a gold store. I just made my last payment for my Fall semester to grad school (LAST SEMESTER) and could use some extra cash along with getting rid of lingering past memory of this bangle from the ex hubby.

Jewelry Rating:

Super. Worn once or twice. No flaws. No dings or dents.

Condition: excellent

Price: $850.00

Location: greenbelt, Maryland View Map

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