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For Sale 2014-09-29 By: mclover2118
Black Diamond Wedding Set

The Scoop:

My ex-boyfriend and I were together for two years when we took a break for a couple weeks because I wasn't happy. For whatever reason, I decided I was out of my mind and couldn't live without him so I proposed. Even helped pay for the wedding set! What was I thinking?!?! Needless to say a mere 6 months later, I got cold feet and another 6 months to follow that I ended the relationship.

Jewelry Description:

This black diamond wedding set is less than a year old and is excellent, like new condition. Only the engagement ring was ever worn, and was barely worn. This wedding set was bought from formerly known as belljewels. The center stone is 1 carat with the accent stones equally 1.25 carats. 14k white gold.

Jewelry Rating:

Color: Fancy Black
Symmetry: Good
Princess Cut

Condition: Like New

Price: $500

Location: MO, Missouri View Map

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