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For Sale 2014-12-06 By: ALLthatandthensome
Granny's pin not my style

The Scoop:

Was given this antique pin from you-know-who...yeah, that guy. He's gone but the pin remains. Now I need to get rid of it. Give this beauty a new home. Price REDUCED.

Jewelry Description:

14k yellow gold pearl and turquoise brooch. There are three 4mm half-drilled pearls, each set in 6 prongs. There are five half-drilled 3mm turquoise beads, also scattered amidst a leafy branch design. Pin is 2 1/8" long and 1" wide. 7.9 grams. Appraised for $1000.00

Jewelry Rating:


Condition: very good

Price: $695 / OBO

Location: Rome, New York View Map

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