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For Sale 2015-01-06 By: amuseme
Princess Cut Leo Solitaire

The Scoop:

We were married for 5 years...One day he left his phone at home. I took it to take some pictures of myself for him and while I had it, I got several text messages from women he was having affairs with, including my best friend who lived with us at the time. When I confronted him, he lied to my face.

Jewelry Description:

The wedding band is a princess cut solitaire leo diamond with one baguette on each side with smaller diamonds trailing down the sides. The wedding band fits between the enhancer and has small diamonds across the top.

The total cost of the set was $9827.00. The set has a lifetime warranty through Kay Jewelers that includes free cleaning, re-sizing, inspection, and rhodium touch ups. The Leo diamond has a unique code where all of the information about the diamond is listed online.

Jewelry Rating:

The main diamond is 1ct and is HSI2 color and clarity.

Condition: Excellent

Price: $6500.00

Location: San Diego, California View Map

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