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For Sale 2015-03-20 By: Natalie4health
Ferragamo Shoes

The Scoop:

While traveling abroad to Italy, my ex-boyfriend purchased these one of a kind Ferragamo shoes for me. They made this shoe in sizes 5-10 only and only made one pair in each size. They are beautiful and it felt wonderful to have such a unique pair of shoes. That is until he broke up with I wore them twice and they have been sitting in my closet that remind me of just what a jerk he is....thanks for the shoes, but no thanks for the broken heart.

Jewelry Description:

These shoes are made of silk with wooden heels and wooden platform. They are study on the bottom so that you won't slip. Very comfortable and elegant. Very versatile because of the coloring. A beautiful design....

Jewelry Rating:

Ferragamo are Italian shoes and very high end and expensive....especially because these are one of a kind...

Condition: Excellent

Price: $125.00

Location: Truckee, California View Map

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