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For Sale 2015-03-19 By: enmayo2
Engagement Ring and Wedding Band

The Scoop:

So I was dating this guy, on our 4 year anniversary he proposed, I said yes. The next year and a half I planned our entire wedding by myself, he was no help in anyway, not even financially, my parents and I paid for everything. On top of that we went through the process of buying a house, I also paid for everything, I was pretty much super woman while he hunted, fished and was a lazy piece of shit. Aaaaaanyway, our wedding comes along everything is perfect and runs smoothly, no help to him of course, we go on our honeymoon, get a dog together, I think everything is fine. A month into our marriage he is in a friends wedding so we travel to that. He is all over this girl all night, me not trying to make a scene wait til we get to the hotel to yell at him. He apologized said he wouldn't do it again blah blah blah. A week later go to pay the phone bill and see he has been in contact with her CONSTATNTLY the past week, I bring it up and he says that he can't stop talking to her , sees himself being with her, and being happy with her. We go to counseling, he doesn't attempt to try at all eventually I say fuck it, fuck this, and fuck you I want a divorce. We go through the whole process. (OH, by the way we live in Kansas and she lives in Arizona) within 2 months of meeting each other, we get a divorce, she breaks up with her fiancé she was suppose to marry in 2 months, and she picks up and moves to Kansas. FUCKIN INSANE. I moved to a new town, we are in the process of refinancing our house to get my name off of it and she is living in my house!! TERRIBLE TERRRIBLE PEOPLE!

Jewelry Description:

Both rings are a size 5, and unsoldered. The engagement ring is gold with a 3/4 carot princess cut solitaire. The wedding band is also gold 1/8 carot. Both beautiful and in wonderful shape. Wore the wedding band only 2 months, and engagement ring less that 2 years. Both from Helzburg Diamond.

Jewelry Rating:

I am not sure on a rating. I would give them a 9, I was in love with them, until I hated him.


Price: $1200.00

Location: Manhattan, Kansas View Map

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