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For Sale 2015-03-26 By: ZanneS
1.01 ct Engagement Ring

The Scoop:

Oh yes ladies, it is time to sell the real deal ring! My husband of 6 years left me for another woman. Yep, I get to be THAT girl, and it feels exactly like you always thought it would! So for two years I have had to share my son with him and her, and she is EXACTLY like you would think. They deserve each other. My only solace is my amazing son. I want to be the best single mom in the world for him. It is hard to handle all the work, time and money alone. So I have sold almost everything my Ex ever gave me, including my wedding band. It is time to sell the big one- the fancy engagement ring. Time to say goodbye to what I had and put the money away into a college fund for my son. He deserves the money to be spent on his future, not in a ring that sits in an old jewelry box because it hurts to look at it. Help me turn this ring into something I can be proud of again!!

Jewelry Description:

1.01 ct Cushion Cut, GIA certified diamond. Color F, Clarity Sl1. 18k white gold ring with 64 diamonds surrounding the cathedral setting. Appraisal and GIA paperwork included in sale. Appraised value is $9,200

Jewelry Rating:

Color F, Clarity Sl1

Condition: Like New

Price: $7,600

Location: Arlington, Texas View Map

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