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For Sale 2015-03-26 By: missfritzie

The Scoop:

HE LEFT ME FOR HIS DOG!!! I met a widower who had lost his wife of 22 years by fluke at Starbucks. I wasn't looking for anyone and he really pursued me. I told him that I didn't want to be a bandaid for his grief. Long story short, he moved in with me a few months later wit his two terrible dogs. One had severe separation anxiety. This dog howled & shrieked so hard it sounded like he was being killed. My then fiancé bought a bark collar, put it on the dog & left for work. Dog started shrieking so tried to take collar off & he bit me viciously five times. When my fiancé got home he was more upset about the dog than me. Went to the vet who said the dog should be put down. My fiancé cried like a baby & said he couldn't & that he loved his dog more than me. I told him to find a place to stay as the dog couldn't come back to my home. Fiancé and dogs left and left me really behind on my mortgage payments and my house is almost in foreclosure while my ex-fiancé just bought a house for himself & his two awful dogs!!! ð

Jewelry Description:

This is a beautiful 14KT gold Opal ring (my late mother's name was Opal and today is the anniversary of her passing a year agoð

Jewelry Rating:

Getting gemologist report soon.

Condition: Excellent

Price: $250

Location: Reno, Nevada View Map

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