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Diamond Promise Ring

The Scoop:

I got this promise ring from an ex-boyfriend, since we are no longer together it seems a little crazy to be holding onto it seeing as he broke the promise when he cheated on me with a mutual friend and then to redeem himself he suggested marriage, but in the same breath he said,"Well, if it doesn't work out, we can just get a divorce" which was not and will never be an option for me!

Jewelry Description:

1/20 CT Diamond TW Round Cut 10K White Gold Promise Ring. Size 6.75, original size, room for re-sizing.

Jewelry Rating:

The ring was worn by me for about 3 years. I take pride in the things that I own and always like them to look nice. The ring was regularly cleaned at Kay Jewelers, where it was purchased.

The ring has not been worn in about three years, but has been professionally cleaned in preparation for selling

Condition: Good

Price: $275.00 OBO

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