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For Sale 2015-05-12 By: Gholmes
Something prefect

The Scoop:

I bought this for someone I truly loved. It didn't work out. However this ring is sure to put a smile on the teariest of eyed girl. Even have her saying YES!

Jewelry Description:

Let me put it to you like this. When I went to get it appraised. The people behind the counter looked at each other and said. "Oh my gosh. Is that so and so ring?" <br/> <br/>
I wish I could remember who they said the designer was, but they were muttering to themselves about it, and when asked. They just said it was a nice ring. <br/> <br/>
Anyway, worth 7.200$ selling for 4000$ or best offer. 208-867-5798 <br/> <br/>
Give me a call. I'm sure we could work something out.

Jewelry Rating:

14KW ring <br/> <br/>
1CTW Diamond <br/> <br/>

Condition: excellent never wore

Price: $4000

Location: Meridian, Idaho View Map

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