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For Sale 2015-05-14 By: Jdwillard19
Taquori Engagement Ring

The Scoop:

<p>My ex fiance' and I were high school sweet hearts. He was constantly in and out of jobs and because of this I feel into the trap and I ended up purchasing the ring and it is in my name. The ring was purchased in October 2010. After he ended up cheating on me multiple time, I ended the relationship. I would like to sale the ring so that I do not have a constant reminder of the hurt and debt he caused me.</p>

Jewelry Description:

<p>Taquori Paltinum Princiess cut three stone engagment ring <br/>
The center stone is 1.51ct. <br/>
The two side stones are a total of 1.35ct. <br/>
The original purchase price was $17, 341.66</p>

Jewelry Rating:

<p>Clarity/Color: I1/J <br/>
IGI Certified</p>


Price: $7,000

Location: Mesquite, Texas View Map

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