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For Sale 2015-11-18 By: lplpl
18K solid gold pendant with diamond "specially made for me"

The Scoop:

Well this guy I met, so in "love"with me, we live in different countries, travelled to meet, went to a jeweler and had this pendant specially made for me, the design and everything. He gave it to me as a present for my master's degree. I ended it (He was married, like for a few months-that is another fun story, she was the one he cheated wife number 3 with! i found out, oh yes in a MUSLIM country, and she is very religious, LOL. People in Oil disgusting) when he met me, complicated in total he has been married 5 times. So Keep that in mind. How Fun??)That is not the worse. I found out that few years later,He gave the wife the same specially made pendant!!!! For an special occasion!And Well I told him, "don't you think is like tacky that you gave your wife the same pendant you gave to me?" "Well the thing is I like the pendant so much" Of course because the present is not for any woman but for HIM. Yes I did offer him to send the stupid pendant so HE COULD WEAR IT (apparently the jewelry and the presents are not for the people you gave them to, but for you to like it!)...of course it was about him... Yes I keep presents (well I repent because I told him not to gave me so much jewelry. I am dumb) Oh yes I am selling it because he called me to say please do not sell it "that is for you" probably he got a discount because he bouth 3 for 2, or something? Oh yes He will get this website. Just for the fun. I was going to send it to the wife so she could have 2 in case she lose one. But why? Yes I know when he gave it to me, and when she received it, like 5 years later and i already ended it things with him... What a crappy husband...

Jewelry Description:

18K solid gold pendant with a diamond it cost him around 2500-3000$
1500 OBO
It has a diamond. It is pretty and elegant.

Jewelry Rating:

Really it is pretty, It is really italian gold, solid.


Price: $1500

Location: LOS ANGELES, California View Map

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