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18K solid gold pendant with diamond 18K solid gold pendant with diamond "specially made for me"

Well this guy I met, so in "love"with me, we live in different countries, travelled to meet, went to a jeweler and had this pendant sp...

For Sale $1500
Beautiful gold 3D heart pendant Beautiful gold 3D heart pendant

So we were together for 6 years and he bought me some beautiful jewelry, but always avoided the "ring category". This is one of the &q...;

For Sale $100
Chopard Fortune Pendant (Chinese Character) Chopard Fortune Pendant (Chinese Character)

I received this as a gift a few years ago; unfortunately, my financial situation has changed, and I can no longer afford this luxury. I hope som...

For Sale $3000
Open Heart Pendant Open Heart Pendant

This was a gift from an ex-boyfriend. The sentiment of the open heart seemed sweet to me at the time, let love in, however when I found out that...

For Sale $75.00
Pandora Charm Pandora Charm
We were engaged and set to get married next month and then I found out he went out of town "for business" a few weeks ago and cheated on ...
For Sale $45.00
Levian Multi Jewel Diamond Pendant 14 K Levian Multi Jewel Diamond Pendant 14 K
I wanted one of these Levian pendants for a long time, finally got it, and now my life has changed so much I have little occasion to wear it. We n...
For Sale $1250.00
Vintage Hair Clip Vintage Hair Clip
On my wedding day, my cousin who is a famous designer in San Francisco made this hair clip for me to wear. She dismantles jewelry from the 1930's-...
For Sale $95.00
14K Gold Cross 14K Gold Cross
This was a beautiful gift from a special person who wanted to be more than a friend.
For Sale $100.00
Stone Pendant Earrings Stone Pendant Earrings
Great guy didn't work out.
SOLD!! $175.
1/4 cttw diamond pendant 10k white gold 1/4 cttw diamond pendant 10k white gold
This was bought by my ex, when we were broken up (trying to get me back eh?). Now we have a baby and he's taking me to court NEED lawyer fee mula!!...
For Sale $399
open heart from kays open heart from kays
I dont want this, im selling it for 300, at the time this was 600. Its a beautiful necklace pendants great gift for sister, mothers, wifes, girlfri...
For Sale $300.00
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