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For Sale 2011-06-10 By: krea
Mens 14k solid white gold band

The Scoop:

same story different guy. but I married this one by mistake. He was an alcoholic and cheater, it just didn't plain work. we got divorced, and he gave me the ring back in payment for his end of the divorce.

Jewelry Description:

its a really beautiful ring, 14k solid cold which can be hard to find these days. about 5mm-6mm wide. it has been worn and shows it wear on the sides, but nothing a jeweler couldn't fix. a good buff and shine would make it look spectacular. <br />
the ring is marked 14k HART, and is a size 10.

Jewelry Rating:

I'm not sure how he would have rated this ring, but he did like it a lot. It's not plated or anything so even wear and tear and it will still be the same color and vibrance.

Condition: used, worn

Price: $200 will haggle

Location: grain valley, Missouri View Map