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For Sale 2012-12-09 By: cconnel3
Blue and Silver Heart Charm

The Scoop:

After a summer romance and practically proposing I got this text over two months after we broke up from our long distance relationship, it should pretty much explain it all: "I know that we have not talked in a long while but I just want to thank you for being you. You fucked me over to such an extreme level. Unlike you I can take charge of my life and get what I want and set goals to gain them. I hope that one day you can get your shit together not only for your sake but for the sake of people around you. You cause people to feel pity for you and I think part of the reason I stayed with you for so long was to try and help you get there but I was foolish thinking such thoughts. But good bye forever after this text. I will be taking you off of Facebook and twitter. But I have moved on."

This little fucker was a teenager who would not stop calling me and clinging to me so much I was a babysitter that wasn't getting paid.

Jewelry Description:

This necklace is two interlocking hearts, one sapphire stone and one silver with little stones.

Like this in blue:

Jewelry Rating:

Great condition, worn for only two to three weeks.

Condition: like new

Price: $50

Location: South Bend, Indiana View Map