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For Sale 2013-02-05 By: shmeg
Hercules Knot Diamond Pendant - Practically New *Just Reduced*

The Scoop:

I got this pendant for Christmas from my "highschool sweetheart" ex about 2 years ago. He was an alcohol/drug addict, completely selfish, constantly borrowed money from me and never paid me back, his friends were all losers and ABOVE ALL was a complete immature dog who treated me like meat so I broke it off with him about a year and a half ago. I now have a new boyfriend, but I'm very uncomfortable with the fact that I'm STILL finding things my ex gave me around our house. I have sold/thrown away everything he has given me and this is the very last of the gifts. I would really like to get rid of it and have someone else enjoy it. In good faith to my current boyfriend (as well as myself) I can't keep this pendant anymore!

Jewelry Description:

White gold pendant (not sure what the karat is anymore) with 8 tiny diamonds in the center of the pendant. This pendant isn't sold in stores anymore. Only wore it a few times as I'm not a big diamonds & pearls girl.

Jewelry Rating:

8/10. Pendant only, the chain seen in the picture is broken.

Condition: Like new

Price: $100

Location: Cochrane, Outside the US View Map