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For Sale 2014-01-25 By: crystalt
White gold and created sapphire and diamond necklace

The Scoop:

My ex and I were both fresh out of bootcamp when we met and I was desperate for someone to care about me. he was sweet but a little stupid. I could kind of blocked out the fact that he was very conservatively Christian (and from a family where the man is pretty much the only decision maker) and I am non-religious. I was fine with his faith and even went to church with him sometimes. he was aware from the start of our relationship that I wasn't. He never accepted the fact that I had my own beliefs and that I had valid reasons for everything I believed in. he was emotionally controlling and verbally abusive. I eventually stopped talking about different things (that I believed in evolution, women's rights, that i studied in anthropology in college and other things) because they just started arguements. we got engaged, I said yes even though I had some big reservations about it. the day after my birthday I innocently posted a few scientific links on my facebook account about evolution and stem cell research. I got a text that he was tired of me posting crap and I needed to remove those posts if I respected him. I refused and received a text stating that "this isnt working out". that's all I received...after a year and a half of dating. I went through a depressed period but I pulled myself out of it. I'm in a relationship with a wonderful supportive man now and I don't want the reminders of this awful failed relationship. I want to get rid of all this to put towards my wedding dress for when my new fiancÃ

Jewelry Description:

the chain is sterling silver and is 17" I think and is from Harris jewelers. the necklace is white gold with a created sapphire and seven little diamonds. the stones color is very pretty. when I got it I was told the sapphire was created. I did some research and that means its chemically identical to the nature made kind but is man-made and is usually better quality, color and has fewer flaws. I will sent by usps 1st class insured mail and I will put a tracker on it. I will use for money transfer.

Jewelry Rating:

not sure what to put here. its a nice piece.

Condition: great

Price: $200.00

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