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For Sale 2015-02-22 By: pinny
Too late or just in time?

The Scoop:

Metal Pointu's necklace. Ex never seemed to get my style, but that wasn't the problem. This gift was a last attempt after I moved out when I realized (finally!) that we could never work out our problems, mainly, kids vs. no kids. Too late, but maybe actually just in time for me. PS: He won't take it back.

Jewelry Description:

This is a Metal Pointu's necklace. Most of this French designer's pieces are silver-plated tin. It is supposed to look somewhat aged. The clasp is strong. Approx. weight is 6 grams. I can email more pictures.

Jewelry Rating:

Very good.

Condition: Very good.

Price: $90 + postage

Location: Waltham, Massachusetts View Map

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