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Trade or Sell 2014-09-23 By: l3l0h3r1
Amazingly Beautiful Ring Needs a Home!

The Scoop:

Gifted to me from an ex while we were dating...I even got to pick it out from the jeweler! Needless to say, we went on to break up and I was the bigger person and gave it back to him. A few months later (while trying to mend fences as *friends*--families involved, yada yada), he proposes to me out of nowhere in front of his family with said ring. Of course, at the time I was in utter shock and scheduled to leave the country in 3 days.... Now this beautiful ring just reminds me of how awkward that night was. I've tried to give it back to him several times and we haven't really spoken since.

Jewelry Description:

White sapphires line the outside of an aquamarine gemstone set in white gold. Bought directly from local Zales store. Sparkles beautifully. Size 7.5

Jewelry Rating:

Excellent-- just arrived back from full cleaning at Zales. Hardly worn.

Condition: Wonderful

Price: $300 OBO

Location: Denver, Colorado View Map