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For Sale 2015-01-08 By: LeftTheCountry
I gave her my heart. She gave me the finger.

The Scoop:

There once was a doctor from Texas
She got the ring that's a Lexus
But when push came to shove
There wasn't much love
And I got socked in the plexus.

She's in Africa and I'm here with a matching pair of rings that are looking for a new home.

Jewelry Description:

This is what I put in the ebay listing:

Custom-made pair of engagement/wedding rings. 95% platinum bands -- men's 6x3mm 17.8g size 9 and women's 5x3mm 11.8g size 6 (resized). Stones are 5.3mm rounds, dark green, from Mt. Mica in Paris, Maine. Made by Gary's Gold and Silver in Maine.

Originally purchased for $4900 for the men's and $3975 for the women's.

Jewelry Rating:

Wicked awesome

Condition: Light wear

Price: $4500 OBO

Location: Alexandria, Virginia View Map

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