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For Sale 2015-03-01 By: Dimcdowell
Promise me not-pretty ring

The Scoop:

My now ex boyfriend promised we would be together forever, until I walked into our apartment and saw him with my best friend-classic. Not going to keep a ring that obviously meant nothing to him, but man is it gorgeous. Wish he would've kept his promise so I could keep this without the constant reminder..

Jewelry Description:

.925 silver, cubic zirconia, from heizberg diamonds.. About a 175$ retail. Polished it so it looks brand new, only wore it for 2 weeks.

Jewelry Rating:

.925 silver <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />
Cubic zirconia
Size 6.5

Condition: New

Price: $120.00

Location: Beaverton, Oregon View Map

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