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For Sale 2015-07-23 By: Dlh1586
He asked me to maintain the warranty...

The Scoop:

Here's the shortest version I can give you:

Ex-fiance gave this to me for x-mas after he thought we had rekindled our relationship. Then, when I'd finally kicked him to the curb, he asked me to maintain the warranty on the bracelet (apologies to whoever buys this: I didn't.).

Why did I not maintain the warranty? He totalled my car, never paid me back for it, and it's still sitting in his driveway rotting, 10 months later. Why would I take care of the bracelet you gave me when you never took care of the car I entrusted to you?

Keep dreaming, dude. You get what you give.

Jewelry Description:

Beautiful diamond bracelet. 1/3 carat total weight. Round cut. Sterling silver. He paid approx. $250 for it.

Jewelry Rating:

Guaranteed I3 clarity according to

Condition: New.

Price: $99

Location: rocky mount, North Carolina View Map

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