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Drinks, anyone? Read our latest blog...

November 10th, 2009

It happened just recently - a group of girlfriends and I were planning a girl's night out but we couldn't decide where to go.  The plan was drinks.  And talking.  And more drinks.  But then we were stumped as to just the right place to hang. The solution?  A new website called Happy Hour Spots. Their tag line?  "Find your happy spot" - I love that!


Basically, the site is a search engine that has a list of all the great happy hour spots in a city. You go to the website and can search by your city or neighborhood or zip code and find the hot local happy hour deals.  Once you find the perfect happy hour to suit your drinking needs, you can share the info with all your friends on twitter, facebook, myspace etc.. It's as simple as clicking the social network link on the web page and posting the happy hour location to your profile.  OR you can send invites to just the friends you want to hang with. Each of the bars listed with the site have their own mobile page and it's really simple to use and share.
SO, back to my girl's night out.  I picked the LA neighborhood I was interested in, went to on my i-phone and did a search. I found 5 bars that had great happy hour offers. Once I found the deal I liked, there was a handy dandy directions button on the bar's mobile webpage which sent me to google maps and gave me directions from where I was to the bar.  Easy!

The site covers cities across the US but was just launched so is still growing.  One nice feature is that you can suggest your favorite bars if they aren’t in the system and you can join and add favorite bars to your list.  So far, LA, San Diego, NY, Chicago and other major cities are well covered but the more the site is used, the more it grows.  Very cool idea...wish I'd thought of it!  Maybe I can start the companion site -  I could have used that the day after my hang with the girls...


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