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Scammer Update: Please Read!

November 16th, 2009

Attention Exbf users - sellers inparticular!

The following users have been removed from the site for scammer- type behavior:




If you have recieved any inquiries to your Exbf mailbox from these users, do not respond.

They are sending FAKE paypal payment confirmation emails in the hopes that someone will send their item before they are found out. If you have recieved one of these fake email confirmations, please contact Paypal A.S.A.P. and forward it to them.  Please project yourself from this kind of scamm by always confirm that funds are actually in your account before shipping or using a service like

Please see the Safety Tips section of the site for further information about identifying and reporting scams and a list of scammers that have been removed from the site. 

We HAAAAATE scammers!  On the brightside, reports of scammers have gone way down since adding the listing fee which makes us very happy.

Thank you to all of the users who brought this scam to our attention. We appreciate your help keeping the site safe for everyone.


appreciate your keeping us informed.
KIM70 contacted me and was interested in purchasing my item. I found it suspicious when I went to send her a payment request via paypal and she did not have an account set up. Once I sent her the request she never responded.
Thanks for the posting....just received an email from BIGLLC and I thought it looked suspicious. Glad to know I'm not just paranoid! Thanks!
I emailed w/BIGLLC several times and then contacted Paypal after a supposed payment was sent to my account. Thanks for letting people know!!!
Hello this is swtcarolinagirl I received this email today, from "hardy" I think you need to ad them to your list..

Hello Seller,

Am very glad to inform you that am very intrested in your item below.I will be very glad to know the price of your item presently also to know may be i can pay through western union money transfer or pay pal..Pls,i will advise you to mail directly into my email address so that we can be able to contact anytime anyday..Reply to : [email protected]

Thanks for your co operation

Thanks so much...
Yeah, I got some from hardy, too. Including that one...word-for-word. Always trust your gut, and mine told me this one was a scammer. Once I told them I had set up an account thru SafeFunds.Com and they would have to pay me thru that, I never heard from them again. Which is what I figured would happen. LOL!
These guys are dumb. One simple rule. Do not ship anybody anything until you get the money. They are depending on you reacting to an e-mail. Of course I checked my Pay Pal account after the fake e-mail came in and guess what, there was nothing there. This is a lame, lame scam and I am just sorry that it must work out for them once in a blue moon so they keep doing it. I'd like to personally send them a fake package, track it and be there when they get it and beat the crap out of them. I guy can dream right?
Haha @Keither!!! Good one. I got a message today about an item I was selling. I am brand new to this website/selling online and I still immediately knew something was fishy. Like you said...don't ship until you confirm the $ is in your account!!! People should know by now to be cautious of SPAM email...
I would recommend not using paypal as a payment method. I used it 2 yrs ago to buy an item and it turned out to be fake and was scammed out of 3k. Paypal refused to return the money because the sale came from a third party site and there was nothing I could do.
We can't recommend enough. We are constantly surprised at how many people do not use this fail proof system of buying and selling. Please do yourself a favor and use it!
I read about safefunds & here's my question.. It looks like a "buyer" can put a "freeze" on the funds by claiming they didn't receive the item, or that it was misrepresented. So what prevents a person from doing this & you getting no money after you've sent your item???
john benson <[email protected]>
this person is a scammer.
DonBon03 should be added to this list. She states she is in Hong Kong but from Australia and has a friend traveling to the United States and would like delivery arranged via courier system. She signs her messages Donna. I see there are other Donna scammers as well. Very fishy.
how about the sellers who can also scam like send it the goods with wrong address and the mails is not deliver to your home but is return to them and they just dont answer no more? has anybody had a problem like that? sellers can be also scamers

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