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Give a Gift, Then Give a Gift!

November 30th, 2009

We hope everyone had a very happy Turkey day and for our non-American users, well we hope you had a great weekend!

The holidays have officially started and as my boyfriend and I returned home after our food and family filled Thanksgiving, we jumped into our jammies, fed our dog and turned on our flat screen tv to the DVRed selection of our favorite TV shows. I couldn't help but think that we are so freakin' lucky. We have so much to be thankful for that it boarders on the ridiculous. It's not as if we didn't earn it, we did, but we have an awful lot while others don't have quite as much.

Realizing this, I also realized that the gluttony is about to kick into over drive with the holidays approaching. We'll all start shopping for gifts and trees and menorahs and hams and turkeys get the picture. So, this year, as you are making gift decisions, you might want to consider some of these Exbfj approved holiday gift giving sites. All of these items make fabulous presents AND the proceeds go to help various causes around the world. Look at that! A gift for a friend and a gift to the world. Sweet!


Tom's shoes. Buy a pair and the company will give a pair of shoes to a child who needs them. One for One.


Red. Proceeds from the sale of any "Red" item will go to fight AIDs via the Global Fund. Ooooh, Ipods!


Who knew? has a whole selection of merchandise that gives back!


Help preserve traditions and cultures world wide, while giving third world economy's a boost at


Do you have a cause that you give to every year? We'd love to hear about it. Let us know in a comment.

Happy Holiday buying everyone!



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