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Read our blog about HUNGRR!

December 08th, 2009

It must be something about this time of year that has us thinking and blogging about giving back.  We've all just spent a long weekend eating too much and I know the next 3 weeks will be about family and friends and presents and eating lots of goodies.  The abundance of food that is sent to my office (hi ya, day job!) every year is daunting.  So many goodies that by the time we actually get to the holidays, I've had just about enough cookies and chocolate and whatnot (just ABOUT enough... there is usually room for a little nipple of that English toffee.)

So today, pondering this topic and trying to decide what to blog about, I remembered a great site I had come across:


Their mission is to raise awareness about hunger in America and get people involved and raise some money in the process.  And they have a nice promotion and fund raiser just for the holidays.  Introducing... The Hungrr Cookie.


Baked by The Black and White Cookie Company, The Hungrr Cookies are over 4″ in diameter, they're individually wrapped and sold 6 to a box. Hungrr donates $9.00 for every box sold and that much needed cash goes directly to food banks across the US.  That’s $1.50 for each cookie sold.  OK, so maybe it's totally crazy looking but it's another great way to give back AND it's delicious!


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