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BOY TIME! LEVRIGE Holiday Giveaway!

December 12th, 2009


Happy Holidays Gang! 


And we have a Holiday Giveaway...with a twist.


This time, it's for all the fellas up in here!


A FREE T-SHIRT GIVEAWAY from the Amazing creative team behind LEVRIGE Clothing (Read the mission statement on the homepage, it's inspirational in a "kick ass" kind of way)!


LEVRIGE has gone out of it's way to make a quality t-shirt product with every detail planned out for maximum awesomeness. This line is about being the absolute best you can be. WE LOVE THAT!




So, ladies, enter to win a T-shirt for the man in your life (What a great Holiday present)! Fellas, enter to win for yourself or the man in YOUR life! Dads, Brothers, significant others, business partners, Mailmen....every man's included!

To Win, leave a comment here, or on Facebook or Twitter and....



We'll pick a winner by Wednesday and contact them to let them know they've won!



My new boy is fantastic! He is the most caring, supportive, patient, understanding, loving man I have ever met. He is motivated and ambitious, and I love that about him too.

I have so much fun with him every single day, and there is nothing better than waking up with his warm body squished up against me!
My new boy is wonderful!! I love his so much. He and I are like PB and Jelly! He is not only my man but my best friend.

Everyday is an adventure, new and fresh everyday.
It is a great feeling to be in love. This time it feels so right. The poetry he writes me comes straight from his heart and soul. I can't imagine life without him.
My new man is amazing! We keep finding things we have in common like peanut M&Ms! He is affectionate, kind, polite and a real gentleman which is hard to find sometimes.

We have fun going to dinner, the movies, the zoo- to see the Christmas lights, or nothing at all....And his hands and feet are always warm which is plus!
My new boyfriend is so good to me. I am now grateful for all that I went thru and would do it all over again just to get to where I am now. He is supportive and generous and so genuine. I am lucky to have him in my life.
My new Man is the greatest.. He drives 145 miles every weekend just to spend his days off of school to be with me and my daughter.. My family loves him and he isn't a cheater like the others in my past.. Very down to earth and caring.. The type who would give his last dollar to help someone out.. He treats me like a queen, and is always complimenting me which is a big change from previous relationships.. All and All he is by far one of if not the BEST guy out there.. .I don't know what I'd do without him in my life..
I want to write about my son.. He is 16 and a typical teenager. He and I have been through so much with each other, with his Dad leaving and then coming back and then leaving again over the years. I just wanted to put him in the drawing because he loves this sort of clothing and it would be a great gift!
My new man is phenomenal. He loves me for me and makes me smile constantly. He is him and only him; he loves me unconditionally. He supports me, cares for me, and together we are amazing. He believes in me always, and is always there for me. My other half, is truly an amazing being. The best part is that we make each other happy.
My new man is AMAZING! Even after just a few months together he bought me presents that were perfect for me - something my ex couldn't do in ten years. New men ROCK!!
not only is the man I am with now a great guy for me, he is a great dad to my kids and treats my parents like angels. He works and provides for us dailey and most of all we laugh together..
After seeing the worst of the worst with relationships, I ended up meeting someone wonderful. He and I were recently engaged! As soon as we begun celebrating our engagement, we was deployed to Afghanistan. I miss all of the little moments together. He treats me so amazing and we don't need "things" to fill out the relationship and he doesn't buy me "things" to make up for any lacking.. there is no lacking! We communicate openly, honestly. He has two amazing kids! I have a family now, and I've never felt so loved. He is everyones hero, but he is my hero and my sweetheart. Dreams apparently DO come true.
Does a guy entering for himself stand a chance among these entries? How about a newly single guy who loves the shirt and would wear it out to places!
My new man is a total cutie pie...but he needs help in the wardrobe department for sure. Maybe this T-shirt cover his 1980's "fanny pack" - it's ok if you're jogging or biking, but everywhere? all the time? (and "no", he doesn't jog or bike at all! My man needs help!
The new man in my life has turned what I was expecting to be a "rebound fling" into the most real and serious relationship I've ever had! He's done so by loving me the TRUE way - not just adoring and accepting me as I am today, but challenging me to become who I ultimately WANT to be. He's shown me real love, even with all its complexities, is life's greatest gift. :) I'm so thankful!
YES ourhouse1908!! Guys DO have a chance to win and are ALWAYS welcome here!
My new man is Amazing. He's a caring farther with custody of his two boys. I honestly didn't think there were great guys out there anymore, but he has proved me wrong. He would look hot in this tshirt.
My new man is better than anyone I could have thought up myself! When I was with my ex, I thought that was the best it was going to get....but now I see I was living in the dark! We are engaged! I sold my old ring from my ex on here and that worked out wonderfully! Now I have a brand new BEAUTIFUL ring and get to spend the rest of my life with the most amazing man...who would love to get this T-Shirt for Christmas! :)
No new man here (slim pickins in this part of the backwoods)! BUT I'm still looking & have confidence someone WORTHY will eventually come my way!;)But until then, I would LOVE to wear that shirt around town for everybody to see!! :)
After the drama and BS I went through with my ex, I wasn't even looking for someone new. But, love found me anyway, even though it wasn't technically someone 'new'. My best guy friend was here for me through all the crap my ex was putting me through, and a few months after the split, we ended up getting together. Time has passed, I've never been happier, and a couple months ago he asked me to marry him!!!
My "new" man isn't really new. He was my best in high school but we fell out of touch, then he just showed up at my door one day and we've been together ever since. He makes me so happy. I went through the nightmare of having my ex literally ruin my life by getting me involved with crime and getting a felony because of it, and now I have the love of my life. It's amazing to realize that my best friend was meant for me all along. Our wedding is Oct. 23rd of next year, and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with him. My entire family adores him, and his family loves me. When I'm sick he does all the housework and makes sure that I'm taken care of. He loves to spoil me. He'll sit and watch a mushy romance movie with me, and we watch the same shows and listen to the same music. We even finish eachother's sentences. He can even do the laundry...correctly. He deserves this T-Shirt for Christmas, and it'll definitely look good on him cause he's hot and built like a Quarterback.
Complete Trust And Down To Earth Caring Person that he is!!!!.....Me and my macho, ex-professional, retired,settled motorcycle riding "newby" have know each other for quite awhile, and at our age, dating isn't that big of a thing. Right now I'm just so impressed at how he is taking care of his elderly mother now that she needs him. I've always heard that you can tell alot about a guy by the way he treats his mother. He is giving her the grace and dignity she deserves while we still have her in the last few months of her life. For the past 9 months, I've seen him in a whole new light. Now I know why he treats ME like a Queen.........since we are much older, it's wonderful not to have to play the "games", gives us time to commit and concentrate on the important things in life. It's wonderful having someone to share with later in life. Not a mama's boy, just a caring gentlman who appreciates and remembers the way he was raised. It's wonderful watching him give back. (Yes, I Love Him)
P.S. Oh boy, how could I forget to mention in my comment that my guy and I sure something rare. My mothers name was Welma and his moms name is Betty, so...that makes him MY BAM BAM!
For some strange reason my 1st comment didn't come up so here it is again.
Our friendship and love became when we least expected it. We were both older and wiser, and he appreciates the simplest things that joy to us when we're together.
He would give me the 'Levrige' shirt right off his back as long as I'm not attracting any other guys while in it.
As I mentioned above, we share a rare seduation that most find funny and a little sick, (love sick that is). My moms name was Wilma and his mom Betty so that, of course makes him my BAM BAM!
I'm so blessed to have him in my life!!
hate\'n the x
My new man is everything I want to be, his that patch of hope in the darkest of dark! I met my man at a park, I was sitting alone, Disillusioned by life with good reason to frown.. well so I thought! he approched me with a dead flower in his hand..its petals all worn and he hands it too me and said "it's for you" I took the flower thinking "what the hell is this guy doing giving me a dead ugly flower" and said thanks... he said "it may not be the best flower in the world but it spells perfect and that should be enough" I looked up at him confused, and there he was my BLIND boyfriend to be! yep my man FOUND ME, so the question is how did he know i needed him or a flower? how did he know i was even there? how did he know the flower was dying? at the end of the day, we dont really need much... we just need someone to notice us and love us... and he does every single day... And even buys me better things ;) love you baby (even if you cant read this)
my Man Peach is every fantastic thing that ALL other men (including my ex) is NOT!! I LOVE HIM, I LOVE HIM, I LOVE HIM & HE LOVES ME, DITTO! he not only deserves this shirt but all wonderfully positive, self-indulgent, beautiful and loving things in the world-INCLUDING ME!!!
My Son is the Best,I almost lost him about 4 yrs ago,from a bursted gangreen appendix back then,he is now age 21,very storng now,with alot of my help,in making regain his inner strength
Max would love to have a Tee like this one,for he deserves the Best in life,since he alomost lost his yrs ago,Thank you
I am a new man for my wife. I have 3 rules to follow. I give her 100 kisses everyday, let her know how much I appreciate all that she does for me, and tell her how beautiful and smart she is everyday. Has certainly made her into a new woman.
I'm finally in a relationship where he and I are on the same page. It's a blessing and a joy and feel very fulfilled.
My man superior. I have found over all the years, this is the first time I've been in love ....and the last. He is most importantly adoringly in love with me and honest to an extreme. You couldnt write a book of movie screen about our old fashioned out of style romance.

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