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February 22nd, 2010


 I got engaged about a week ago and since then a certain book has come up more than once. Committed  by Elizabeth Gilbert. Now, I love me some Eat, Pray, Love, so I picked up Committed for my Kindle this week. Have you heard of this book? Have you read it? Am I just not far enough in, because....

Um...This is a book about how, historically speaking, marriage has been a real bummer for women! It really goes through the ins and outs of why this is a bad deal.  Why in the world would anyone tell me to read this book right now?!!!

Well, I almost put it down, but then I realized that there has to be some sort of happy ending to this thing, because no one would tell me to read this if there wasn't, right? RIGHT? 

Fortunately, I found this article in Lemondrop and it made me feel better. Sheesh! What do you guys think about this book. Have you read it yet? 





I too am engaged and got the book as a present from a girlfriend who knew how much I had loved her first book. I too was a skeptic, but, recently divorced as well, wanted to read how she made peace with all of the craziness of her past to make a better future. I also have a degree in history and LOVED the interesting details of how marriage has transformed and been transformed over the ages. I also appreciated many of the details discussed on why many marriages fail. For me, who definitely does not want to go through the heartache of a second divorce, this information was really interesting and informative. I even discussed it with my fiance who thought it was pretty interesting as well and on the mark. As you said, there is a happy ending and it was well worth hanging in there.....absolutely a great book I would recommend ESPECIALLY if you are getting married.

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