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New SCAM you should know about...

March 04th, 2010

It is amazing the lengths people will go to rip someone off and every few months we learn about something new.  Thankfully, most of our users are savvy internet buyers and sellers and know how to protect themselves but we just learned about this one and wanted to pass it along:

"PayPal" scams have been around a little while - as a seller, you get an email that appears to be from paypal saying you've received payment so go ahead and ship that item off.   BUT the email is a fake and there are no new funds.  Lesson: Don't ship until you've gone directly to your account and confirmed the money is there.

BUT now there's a NEW TWIST: you get an email saying funds will be released to you as soon as you go to the website listed  and enter the shipment tracking info.  Different websites are given as to where you need to enter this info but none of it is real.  Again, the email looks like it's from PayPal.

There are so many ways to buy and sell safely online but you really need to educate yourself.  We have LOTS of good information in our SAFETY TIPS section so please check it out and be a smart shopper!



There is someone out there who goes by Yan Scammer and who only wants to correspond on regular email not this site after the first contact. Stay away!
I got an offer/message from Yan Scammer as well. Thanks for the tip, LCA.
I got that one too! I thought it seemed fishy...thanks for the tip!
Meee too. He sent me an e-mail in really poor English that was pretending to be from a bank, and they were instructing me to send the ring within 12h. He gave me an address from Australia to ship the ring to so called fiancee. What a low life person.
If you get the "fake" paypal email, send it to [email protected] and they will verify whether is is phishing or not...most of these idiots give their actual email for paypal and I forward that along as well, what trash!
john collinge - wants to take u off site & send money order as he is on assignment........sounds fishy to me!
Thanks for marking Daniel Perretti has a scammer. You should know I was suspicious of him and reversed the pymt. I sent to paypal before he could claim it. What a loser!!!!

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