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PAYPAL SCAM - Please read this blog!

October 17th, 2010

PLEASE WATCH OUT FOR OFFERS FROM BUYERS WHO WANT TO TAKE CORRESPONDENCE OFF THE SITE AND GO DIRECTLY TO PERSONAL EMAILS AND WHO ASK FOR YOUR PAYPAL INFO.  As the seller, YOU should send the request for payment to the buyer from your PayPal account OR, better yet, use

It is amazing the lengths people will go to rip someone off and every few months we learn about something new.  Thankfully, most of our users are savvy internet buyers and sellers and know how to protect themselves but unfortunately we've got someone who is trying to rip off our sellers with the PayPal Scam.

"PayPal" scams have been around a little while - The buyer asks for your PayPal info and then you get an email that appears to be from PayPal saying you've received payment so go ahead and ship that item off.   BUT the email is a fake and there are no new funds and the "buyer" is hoping you'll ship your item before realizing there is no money.   Don't ship until you've gone directly to your account with PayPal and confirmed the money is there.

And PLEASE report all such attempts directly to PayPal - send them email address, shipping address, anything provided ASAP.  They take this assult to their company and their users very seriously and have the resources to go after these scammers.

We block these users as quickly as possilbe and always add the word SCAMMER to their user name.

There are so many ways to buy and sell safely online but you really need to educate yourself.  We have LOTS of good information in our SAFETY TIPS section so please check it out and be a smart shopper!



I am selling some of my 18k jewelry is amazing the amount of scammers that try this game every week since I have listed my jewelry online.
Sellers and buyers beware!
They dont always ask for your paypal info. I had an attempt just days ago and they didnt ask anything, they just said send me a request. So there are lots of different ways they utilize. Do you research!
I had some try this too last week! The person said they wanted to buy my engagment ring and as soon as I started to ask them info. they backed off.
It has happened to me twice. The last time being last week. The scammers asked me to contact them via a private email address and both sent fake Paypal addresses saying money had been deposited into my account and to ship the item asap. I nearly fell for it the first time as I am new to this but this last time I knew straight away but it is still very annoying!!!
* I meant to say they sent fake Paypal emails
I had someone last week contact me with a fake email and paypal, also saying they wanted to buy my ring. I logged into paypal to see if they were verified, and they weren't. I emailed back that I wanted to use and I never heard back.
Two more scammers: Kelvin and jeremy885. Don't deal with these two WHATSOEVER!!
Scammer Kelvin is back. He just tried to scam me!
I just received an email from Kelvin as well. His email was worded as follows... Good Day,
How are you doing today? I mail to confirm if your ads on exboyfriendjewelry still for sale in good condition and what is your last selling price?
Hope to read from you soon.


Reeks of scammer all the way around...
Yep, he's back. This time his user name is just "Kelvin" This will be the second time he has tried to "buy" my jewelry, he got reported to paypal the first time. Exboyfriend jewelry should make a little easier to report these things...
I just got a msg from Kelvin also. He called me Amanda. Don't know where that came from. My name isn't posted and it's obviously not part of my username.
Kelven and his abuse of the English language messaged me, too. Ugh. Thanks for the heads up!
Kelvin has contact me also. He first tried under username Eptfir45, but "Ex" has marked that login as a scammer. He sent me fake paypal receipts (which I reported to paypal). Now he has a new username...Kelvin. His emails contain an email address [email protected] but I don't know if its an actual account. Beware! Don't be so anxious to sell that you get "got"!
Kelvin is also trying to scam me atm, watch out.
Thank you so much for you comments. I just replied to an email from Kelvin. He has not asked for any information yet, but I am so glad I saw your comments.
Amyluv is another person who is sending emails to people. It is a scammer. The emails are identical to Kelvins. Please be careful.
Yep, don't deal with amyluv either
Just got emails from both Kelvin and Amyluv. The way they write you can tell they aren't from this country and the way they put together their sentences. "will wait to read from you" Who writes like that, an out of country scammer! Deleted them both and did not reply!
thank you ladies for all your advice i got 4 emails back to back contacted pay pal hubby tracked the email he stated it was frome nigeria pay pal conferred i love this site im sorry that people can be so mean nancy anne
Has anyone actually sold any jewellery from this site?
It is so disgusting that people try to scam us. First time I listed on here and low and behold a they dont always ask for your info but they send you fake paypal messages saying the money is "on hold" until you confirm shipping. Paypal does not "hold" funds. If you are unsure forward to [email protected] and they will confirm if its legit.
Hi guys,
Thank you so much for checking out the blog and helping each other out! We hate scammers as much as you do and we do what we can to remove them as soon as possible. Thousands of items have been bought and sold on the site legitimately and it's just a bummer that these guys pop up from time to time. We rely on our user community to help us weed these scammers out. A big thank you from us to you for keeping watch and being so savvy. We couldn't do it without you.
Megahn and Marie
Lorenuca32 SCAMMER
I've had my paypal account for several years, and I've learned how to manage my account so nobody can rip me off by sending me a fake paypal email. When somebody requests a paypal invoice, and you get a notification that says you're received the payment, always make sure you type from the search bar, so you can avoid clicking on the link from the paypal email, because there are savvy hackers who can access your account if you login in to your paypal from their email they sent you. I'm an experience paypal user, but I had a close one. So be careful.
I am a buyer, Chatcat and I always pay what I have offered. I do not scam, I use paypal, however I do request that the item has been sent UPS with a tracking #, and I pay half then the other half upon receipt. I try to be as careful as I can be as a buyer as it goes both ways! I've had three very successful buys, and have not been disappointed Thank God!








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