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July 06th, 2008

Welcome to the new EXBF website! 

Lots of fun and important stuff happening.

First and foremost, for the security of all of our users, we are requiring you to update your account settings on the first login and this includes resetting your password!   SO, here's what you need to do:


  • FIRST click the "Forgot Password" link and request a temporary password be sent to the email address you used to register for the site
  • Check your email for your temporary password
  • Login using your user name and temporary password
  • You will be immediately taken to the Manage Account screen where you can reset your password.  You can reuse your old password if you'd like
  • Click "UPDATE" and you are all set!


The biggest change to the new site is that we are now charging $1.99 to post an ad.  A buck ninty nine, come on!  That's nothing!  BUT it will help us keep the site in tip top shape and help ensure that sellers are above board and on the site to sell ex jewelry.  And it's a very simple process:

  • Click "Post an Ad" - fill out the form and upload your photos as usual
  • Hit “Next.”
  • You’ll be taken to a page that gives you access to paypal. Click “Pay Now.”
  • Follow all of the Pay Pal prompts and when you’re done you should get a message that says “your ad has been listed.” Yay!
  • From there you can click back to the site.


Many of the upgrades were improvements behind the scenes but these will help to make things run smoother and faster for you.  There are a few changes and new features that we think will really help when using the site:

  • A streamlined messaging system - easier to use and a good record of your correspondence with buyers or sellers
  • "Share It' capabilities with Facebook and Twitter so you can get the word out about your postings
  • Easier navagation through the ads
  • A "Wish List" so you can keep track of the ads you like
  • A tighter design so there is a little less scrolling up and down to view ads
  • New  "pop up" image design in the ads

We'll be tweaking and adjusting a few things in the coming days so please be patient.  If you run in to any problems, shoot us an email at:  [email protected]

Thanks to all of you for using the site and we hope you like our new and improved baby.


Its ashame that there will be charges added to this site. The one thing that set this site apart from so many others was the fact that it was free to get rid of your unused jewelry that an ex had given to you. I guess this will end my selling on!
Very sorry to hear that mscsharp!

We've kept the cost to post an ad VERY reasonable - only $1.99 - and we hope it won't discourage our users. We hope it WILL discourage scammers and help to keep the site running smoothly and in line with the original concept: Selling jewelry given by an ex.

Thanks for your comment and we hope you'll keeping using our site.
LOVE the new "Wish List" button. So much easier to keep track of the items I like. Congrats on the update!
I agree with mscsharp... not being charged a fee for listing the jewelry I was selling is what kept me coming here. Unfortunately, even this small charge will keep me from listing on this site. I'll probably just return to listing my items on Craigslist.
are you still limiting people to only listing 5 items?
I am disappointed about the fee, simply becuase ebay is much cheaper, and I really like the set up of this site. I can understand a small fee to keep your site going, but 1.99 seems pretty high.
Roxi - yes, the system limits sellers to 5 posts up at any one time.
Well, I think the $1.99 fee is very reasonable, & if it keeps the scammers away it's worth much more. FYI - for anyone who thinks ebay is so much cheaper: Do you realize that not only do you pay a listing fee (which admittedly is quite inexpensive), but they also take a "final-value fee". This is based on what your item sells for in the end & can really add up if you are selling anything of value! Lots more than $1.99! Go to the ebay help pages under seller fees to check it out for yourself.
why can not see pictures?
I was wondering what's up, I can't see pictures, or links to them, in any of the posts.
Why can't i see any pictures as well?
All ad images are up and running so please email and let us know what browser you are using if you are not seeing listing photos:

[email protected]

You might want to try emptying your cache and then coming back to the site.
I too am sad that a charge is being taken now. There still are a few sites like Craigs List and Pennysaver USA that allow free adds. Pennysaver allows to ads a week under $100 for free! The problem I see mainly here is that items that aren't as pricy say $10 and under basically won't be worth putting on here with pay-pal fees etc. Yes, Ebay charges fees but in a tiered way. Five items every 30 days can be listed for free so that helps with your larger priced items! Items not sold can be re-listed for free as well. The economy has hurt us all so I hope we all find ways that work for us. I know I try to help my daughters out with there stuff from x's on here but sales have gotten about nil everywhere. Hope sales pick up everywhere soon and let this site be what it is suppose to be intended for and not for stores!
Where are my emails.. i saved them now there gone,,????? Need to contact the seller and cant remember the user ID but i kept a copy in my inbox,, What do i do Bouhgt 3 received 2 need to contact the 3rd seller.. Janelle
although I understand the reasoning for the new charge, I too won't be listing anymore items... I highly recommended this site to all of my friends for selling their ex jewelry because it -unlike Ebay- was extremely simple and free, now I guess I can just say it's easier than Ebay...
I'm from Australia, is there anyway you can add a location search?
Hi Sunset, You can search "Australia" under our Keyword search and you should get a list of the items for sale from your country.
It seems like you guys are really lacking in the amount of items people are listing...the pickings are slim...and there are 0 listings in the guys section...I am having a hard time justifying paying 1.99 to list an item that it looks like hardly anyone will guys seem to be falling off of the map..Are you doing anything to attract people to the site and make people aware that it exists? Right now it seems like you guys don't have many people selling or many people looking at the stuff for sale. If I am going to pay to list my stuff I want to be assured there are enough people aware of this sites existence that I will have a lot of potential buyers viewing my item...Sorry to say it looks like the 1.99 scared off a lot of your loyal sellers :( It's a shame because I would be fine paying it if I felt people were actually looking at my items..This site really needs some publicity and to draw in more people so your sellers are confident buyers are viewing their items and so that there are a wide variety of items for sale.
I think 0.99 would have been far more reasonable...seeing as paypal also charges a percentage..but that is just my opinion. I want this site to work and have a lot of traffic so I can sell and get a fair price for my items! I love this site..but it seems to be becoming very unpopular and hardly anyone knows it exists :(
Please make some ads, do some publicity/marketing, and get yourself out there! This is a great concept..but even those fail if no one knows about them. Expand the marketing budget...hardly anyone knows of this site in the United States!!


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