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August 14th, 2011


Exboyfriend Jewelry on the GMA this morning!


Just a reminder that Marie and Megahn will be doing an interview with ABC Nightline Tonight! That's Monday August 15th at 11:30pm. And we'd REALLY love for you to watch (just in case one of us has something in our teeth). So, set your Tivo's and your DVR's or if you happen to be up late on a school night, check it out in real time. They are featuring an interview with Marie and Megahn, the site and  our FAVORITE user, the lovely and talented MeiMei Fox (

So, that's:,Megahn, Marie and MeiMei
Monday August, 15th (TONIGHT)
ABC Nightline.


Thanks for watching!


I love this site as a buyer, though sometimes it's difficult to read the horrible relationships the buyers have had to go through. It's also quite heart warming when the seller has moved on and found that special someone that they deserve or got out of a bad relationship for good. It's difficult to make that final break, I know as I was there once over 29 years ago, and we didn't have this technology to connect with others. I think it would have been quite cathartic at that time in my life.

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