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A VERY POPULAR television show wants you!

November 02nd, 2011

Howdy dear Exbfj users,


An EXTREMELY POPULAR daytime syndicated talk show that shall remain nameless is doing a show about the stuff left behind in a relationship and they've called on us to help find guests for the show. So, we're sending the info on to you in hopes you can share your story with the world! Look at YOU, you're famous!

We've got a request from a national TV talk show looking for people who "Have been holding on to something left behind after a break-up. An old sweatshirt? A mix tape? A love letter? JEWELRY? Or, is your ex still holding onto something of yours that you'd like back? If you're finally ready to purge your ex from your life, tell us your story." They would prefer if the guest were local to NY, NJ, CT, PA.



Email us at [email protected] if interested!


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