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Who has the time?!

October 20th, 2009


My boyfriend and I just moved in together (that's a lie, we moved in together almost a year ago...time flies when you're buying discount furniture!) and I have to tell you, the one thing I was not prepared for was the scheduling factor. Yes, that's right, the scheduling factor.

My schedule+ his schedule+ the dog's schedule+ a new season of Dexter = A TON of dirty laundry.

We are both very busy people and frankly no one prepares you for the fact that when you move in with someone or get married, you're going to have to really sacrifice your stress free daily routine for the greater good. That can get frustrating, so in an effort to make our home life a little bit easier, I've been doing some research on time management (I've been pouring over . I've always been a scheduler, but I've never been great at adapting time saving tips and products. But, I need help!  And by golly, I'm determined to make both our lives easier.


So, ladies and gentlemen, I'm starting a list right here and now of all the steps I'm going to take to make everyday living a little bit easier for my busy man-friend and me:


1. Buy a Roomba!



That's as far as I got. Whaaat?! I have a deadline tomorrow morning and I have to get to the grocery store before dinner time.

If you and your significant other have some time saving and, frankly, relationship saving tips, please leave them in a comment here.

Clearly, I need them.


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