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SOLD!! 2012-06-07 By: MandiL303
A Gift That Mattered More to Him than to Me.

The Scoop:

My d-bag ex got me this for our first, and last, Xmas together. Even though I asked repeatedly that we have a price limit on gifts he refused. I would have been happy with a card and a nice day spent together. I'm not fussy and I don't even really like gift-giving. But ooooh no...he just had to get me this darn thing...most to keep up appearances with those around him. <br />
<br />
So he goes out, buys me this overblown thing and then couldn't even afford to pay for our rental car during the holiday. So I got to pay for that expense, otherwise we would have been stuck at his family's home for the entire 10 days with no way to escape...nice huh? Of course I think he was drunk when he made this purchase (did I mention that he's a raging alcoholic?) so I guess he was lacking even more common sense than usual at that point. Unfortunately he has no common sense when he comes to money and has champagne tastes on a beer budget...which suck when you seem to care so much about appearances. He knows that I'm not a fancy jewelry type of girl but he still bought me this thing. Trust me if I wanted things like this I would own them already. But again...it's all about appearances with this dude. All he could talk about after giving me this was how it had "cost so much" but I was "totally worth it". He seemed to get a charge out of how other people reacted to his gift too...got this sh*t-eating grin on his face each time someone "oooooo'ed or "awwww'ed" over it. No wonder he's 35 and doesn't even have his own vehicle or place to live! <br />
<br />
At this point I just want this thing out of my life. It's a reminder of my own stupidity and how I wasted my precious time on this loser. Plus I don't think that it's appropriate to keep things like this around once you're in a new relationship.

Jewelry Description:

This is a 14K yellow gold, one-piece pearl necklace. It has one main drop pearl and then there are several small pearls along each side of the chain length. It's still in the original box that it came in from Johnson Bros Jewelers of Pascagoula, MS. <br />
My jeweler appraised this at anywhere from $150-300 in value and verified the gold karats. The only reason he gave me such a wide price/value range is because he couldn't tell exactly what type of pearls they were by just examining it. They're either freshwater (cheaper) or saltwater (more expensive) pearls but he couldn't be certain which. <br />
<br />
By the way I will NOT be keeping the funds from this sale. I will be donating them to my friend Lee who has been diagnosed with stomach cancer at age 27, while having no insurance to cover the costs (http://www.gofundme.com/leebee). May as well help out a friend while getting rid of my old baggage! :)

Jewelry Rating:

Still in great condition....only worn 4-5 times, tops! No AIG or other rating known.

Condition: Nearly New

Price: $100 + Flat $5.95 shi

Location: Enola, Pennsylvania View Map