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For Sale 2012-07-26 By: 5FTNUTTIN
10k Yellow gold and diamond graduated drop earrings

The Scoop:

<p>My husband bought me these earrings for Christmas 2 months after we started dating. I don't know what he was thinking. They are very nice, but they are not me. I've never worn them.</p>

Jewelry Description:

<p>These are 10kt yellow gold (stamped) with diamonds in graduating sizes starting with small at the top and getting larger toward the bottom. One of the backs isn't the original and may not be real gold; I took the back off the earring to use on another earring and don't know which earrings I put it with. I replaced it, but it's different than the other one. I think these came from Kay Jewelers since that's where my husband always buys jewelry, but I'm not positive. I don't have any paperwork on them.</p>

Jewelry Rating:


Condition: Brand new

Price: $SOLD

Location: PENSACOLA, Florida View Map