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For Sale 2014-03-23 By: pinny
Once Happy Birthday white sapphire earrings

The Scoop:

We were engaged and living together for about five years, but he would never set a wedding date. He had custom-ordered these earrings for my birthday three years ago. This past year he's really begun to change but he won't talk it and won't go to counseling, so I am done. I know that I will be better off without him.

Jewelry Description:

They are 3 carats total (1.5 carats each) of real, not lab-made, white round-cut sapphires in 14k white gold setting. From a distance they look like good-sized diamonds. They are so sparkly and such a very very light blue that they look almost colorless to me. Screw-backs are a bit longer for my thick ear lobes. They are also 14k white gold. I can send a pdf of the work order if you want to see it. It won't upload to this site.

Jewelry Rating:

Great! Large and shiny and clean to the eye. I don't have an appraisal.

Condition: Excellent

Price: $375 + shipping &

Location: Waltham, Massachusetts View Map