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For Sale 2014-06-18 By: cjobson
Piercing Pagoda Silver Ring with Diamonds, Small

The Scoop:

This was a promise ring that my ex boyfriend gave to me. It was the first serious relationship for the both of us, so we were both overly engrossed in the whole relationship realm and not so much on actually being with each other ( least on my end. I was the heart breaker..oops). He was cheap and didn't have a lot of cash and we wanted to do the promise ring, so I offered to buy it and that he'd pay me back. Well, as you can guess, that never happened and we've been broken up for about five months now. It is a beautiful ring but I just can't wear it! Hope that someone else can give it the wear that it deserves.

Jewelry Description:

It is a silver ring, purchased at a discounted price of $100 on Black Friday. Was brought to a jeweler who re sized it to a size 6 and told me that the diamonds were real. I wore it often during the months that I had it before we broke up (about five months) but the only sign of wear is a small scratch on the side.

Jewelry Rating:


Condition: Used, but very good

Price: $50 + ship

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