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1.91 Engagement Ring
This is a new ring that was given to me and wasn't my style. It is a size 9. It was appraised in 2011 for $15,350 and has since been appreciating i...
For Sale $10000 OBO
Gorgeous SI1 0.81CT Engagement Ring for a STEAL
He pulled the plug 6 days before the wedding. His loss! Maybe this can be your chance to score a great ring and begin a great new chapter in your l...
For Sale $4900
Failed engagement
i proposed to this girl and within 6 months she changed her mind, cheated on me and moved on (all within 6 months). so i asked for the ring back be...
Trade or Sell $4000 negociable
gorgeous 2.5 ctw 14k white gold three stone diamond engagement ring
together 2 1/2 years, then engaged for 1. After less than a year of marriage he told me he never wanted to marry me and didn't really want kids. Aw...
For Sale $2800
Beautiful Ring...Destined For A Beautiful Hand
He didn't deserve me nor does he deserve this ring. I want someone who will stay married FOREVER to have it...
For Sale $4000
Platinum yellow diamond
Engagement off. Looking to sell ring 12k.yellow diamond. Must go. Brand new. 1 1/2 c t w. Diamond warranty. Size 6. 605 201 7077 offers accepted
For Sale $5700 offers accepted
Tacori diamond engagement ring and wedding band, size 4.75
After being engaged for only 4 weeks, I realized that I was settling and felt as if I was planning my funeral and not what was suppose to be the ha...
For Sale $14,000
Gents Diamond Ring
I was engaged and I bought this for my ex-fiancée. He decided he didn't like the way I made spaghetti sauce or the way I mowed the la...
For Sale $1,500.00
Sapphire/Diamond Wedding Band
My ex husband up and left my son and I so I'm selling everything he ever gave me. After only five years together, he called my on the phone and to...
For Sale $400
Verragio Halo Princess Cut Engagement Ring-Style is Couture-0381
Simply the wrong guy! We spent over 5 years together and he decided to start a relationship with someone else a couple months after proposing. Th...
SOLD!! $NEW PRICE! $2700
I would like to move on from my first marriage. Getting married at 19 is not the smartest thing I have done thus far in my life. Luckily we were ab...
For Sale $1,800 OBO
unique white and black diamond ring
So I knew things weren't gonna work out and took the initiative to be an adult about things and not cause any drama so there aren't any ill feeling...
For Sale $450
Tanzanite ring. Size 6
He basically forced me to start over... he has my furniture, my house, my car... so I'm selling some stuff to get back on my feet :)

For Sale $120
Alexandrite Filligree Ring size 6
No seriously bad mojo with this ring. My ex was not a nice man and I'm selling a few things to get back on my feet :)

Paypal only :)
For Sale $110
Past, Present, Future Wedding Ring!
This ring was given to me by my ex husband. It it an heirloom in their family. We split in September last year, and they did not want it back. I tr...
For Sale $750
Beautiful Tacori Wedding Set Size 7
I married a d*ckhead, plain and simple. Everyone knew it, but no one said it, including me. Just glad I got my head out of my a$$ before we had kid...
SOLD!! $3500 Reduced Price
Gorgeous Custom Champagne & Chocolate Bridal Set 2.00ctw
Had a long run, but just grew apart in the end.
For Sale $800.00
Sapphire diamond band
From ex-bf's mother...
For Sale $35
Reduced $350.00 - 14kt Gold Band Amethyst Diamond Ring 5mm Wide Hammered Band Si
As a gift jeweler designed two rings into one
For Sale $325.00
3 moissanite stone 14 karat 3 moissanite stone 14 karat
Bought this ring a few years ago during a long distance relationship, paid $1,800. Found out she cheated on me,
For Sale $1,500.00
3K of diamonds are all thats left
I met my ex husband when we first started college and we were married a week after I graduated. We had been so used to being together that we never...
For Sale $6000
1.72CTW diamond/Blue sapphire cocktail ring
I don't do "fake" with jewelry so why would I with men?
For Sale $500
Beautiful Marquis Diamond Wedding Ring
I am getting divorced and really need the money to help me get back on my feet.
For Sale $1500
It's just time
Cliff notes: Married someone who couldn't help himself around other women...actually, I guess he did help himself. Quite often actually. Divorce...
For Sale $4,500
14k white gold vintage brilliant 1k engagement/cocktail ring
Well, I was proposed to on a reality show...then I realized my ex wasn't the right one when he asked me to sell the ring so we could go on vacation...
For Sale $900
Gorgeous New Asscher Diamond Wedding Band Set / Engagement Ring 1.40ct
Worn for 9 months, then we went our separate ways. Looking to sell it!
For Sale $3799
Unique diamond ring
Purchased ring in France. Now looking to upgrade so I have no need for the ring anymore. Looking for someone to take it off my hands.
For Sale $1300.00 obo
Elegant, Sparkling Engagement Ring
I barely wore this engagement ring, which my ex fiance selected for the brilliant sparkle. I've had it in the closet for a while and now I am ready...
For Sale $2,999
Setting For Sale
I have had this ring for some time now and I no longer need it and I am looking to sell it.
For Sale $3950
Price Reduced
The story is ex is an ex for reason. Last year I decided to remove the toxic people from my life and he was one of them as well as my job. I've sta...
For Sale $7200
14k White Gold Princess Cut Solitaire Diamond Engagement & Wedding Bands 14k White Gold Princess Cut Solitaire Diamond Engagement & Wedding Bands
Found the nasty freak in bed with 2 other MEN.... WTH!!!! Never thought it would've been him. Man is massive like The Rock and sexy as ever.... GAY...
For Sale $3,800.00
Diamond Wedding Rings Diamond Wedding Rings
After a crappy marriage, but two wonderful kids later, I've moved on. I've completely started over, and my wedding rings were the last bit of "...;
For Sale $$1800
1/2 carat engagement ring with band
My lying cheating husband left me and my 3 kids. He did me a favor, but he also drained the bank accounts. I'm selling my ring to pay the mortgage ...
For Sale $700
1.2 carats Princess Cut Three Stone Engagement Ring 1.2 carats Princess Cut Three Stone Engagement Ring
I'm getting a divorce from my husband we we're married for 5 years and I'm so happy to be moving on with my life
For Sale $11,200
3.01 C Diamond Ring 3.01 C Diamond Ring
Ex husband + divorce= selling jewelry <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />
Ill send more pics if asked.
For Sale $8,500
Princess-Cut Diamond Engagment & Simple Band Princess-Cut Diamond Engagment & Simple Band
This story is short and sweet. I got my heartbroken by an ass hole, and of course thought I should marry the first nice guy that came along. Sadly ...
For Sale $600
Vintage Amethyst Splendor Ring Vintage Amethyst Splendor Ring
My ex Fiance moved to Oklahoma recently and is putting me through a custody battle. So his gifts are being put to use to pay for court costs.
For Sale $59
Cheating Girlfriend Cheating Girlfriend
Well to make it short as possible. I planned to propose to my Girlfriend at the time on Christmas. She thought I never would. So sometime I have to...
For Sale $6000.00
14K Gold "Leo" Diamond Solitaire Engagement Wedding Ring 0.31ct *BRAND 14K Gold "Leo" Diamond Solitaire Engagement Wedding Ring 0.31ct *BRAND
My girlfriend's ex-boyfriend/fiancee wouldn't take this back after he decided to leave my girlfriend and we have our first child coming next month,...
For Sale $919.99
for sale for sale
Bought to propose but due to relationship not working out never gave to her
For Sale $1500
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