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Black Diamond Wedding Set Black Diamond Wedding Set

My ex-boyfriend and I were together for two years when we took a break for a couple weeks because I wasn't happy. For whatever reason, I decided...

For Sale $500

I had originally bought this ring for the woman that i thought was the love of my life. i found that she was being unfaithful after the fact of ...

For Sale $800
Diamond Promise Ring Diamond Promise Ring
I got this promise ring from an ex-boyfriend, since we are no longer together it seems a little crazy to be holding onto it seeing as he broke the ...
For Sale $275.00
1.07 carat engagement ring VS-1 Clarity with matching wedding band

Married my ex of 7 years. Came out of the closet nine months in. Everything worked out for the best but it is time to let the rings go!

For Sale $7500 obo
Beautiful Unique Ring

My dream ring just not from my dream guy

For Sale $2000.00
One of a Kind Wedding Band

I was married for 9 years and was with my ex for 16 years. I don't think this is the forum to post dirty laundry and I don't have any interest ...

For Sale $5000
Just Gorgeous

Just not needed

For Sale $$1,500
I'm not one to kiss and tell. But he was the type to kiss and hit. Not my kind of party. And to be honest, all of the jewelry in the world could ne...
For Sale $3450
Fourteen-karat yellow gold diamond ring
The ring is from my four year engagement that fell through last year due to a basic disagreement over lifestyles. He didn't want the ring back. App...
For Sale $5000
Three Stone Setting Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring
Everything happens for a reason and it all worked out for the best.
For Sale $600
Natural Blue Sapphire Baguette & Round Cut Diamond Ring 14k Natural Blue Sapphire Baguette & Round Cut Diamond Ring 14k
Restarting a new chapter and shedding what I no longer need.
For Sale $600
Diamond Gold Row Thick Band Diamond Gold Row Thick Band
Loving living.
For Sale $550
6ct tw Princess Cut Diamond Eternity Band Superior Quality G-H SI2 Ret. $12,500
Not really so much drama, just time to do better things with the money.
For Sale $5995
Sweetheart diamond ring Sweetheart diamond ring
My ex-boyfriend and I actually ended on (relatively) good terms, but now that I have a new "sweetheart" in my life, it's time for this ri...
For Sale $50 OBO
White Gold Pave Diamond Ring White Gold Pave Diamond Ring
Just one more thing to leave behind that reminds me of him.
For Sale $550.00
14kt Gold/Citrine and Diamond Ring 14kt Gold/Citrine and Diamond Ring
All things that remind me of him must go
For Sale $700.00
14kt Yellow/White gold and Garnet Ring 14kt Yellow/White gold and Garnet Ring
one more thing that has to go since he is gone too...
For Sale $359.00
I have to say he was my first love. I still love him today but he has broken and stomped all over my heart and I realize now I deserve better. My e...
For Sale $500 obo **REDUCED**
HE LEFT ME FOR HIS DOG!!! I met a widower who had lost his wife of 22 years by fluke at Starbucks. I wasn't looking for anyone and he really pursu...
For Sale $250
1.01 ct Engagement Ring
Oh yes ladies, it is time to sell the real deal ring! My husband of 6 years left me for another woman. Yep, I get to be THAT girl, and it feels e...
For Sale $7,600
Amethyst Diamond 14k Ring Amethyst Diamond 14k Ring
I bought this and the matching pendent for her on a trip to Las Vegas. She wore it only a handful of times. Now where not together and she left me ...
For Sale $395
Men's Ring Men's Ring
I found this ring at my business over a year ago. I guess the guy didn't care about getting it back.
For Sale $$600.00
10k WG Diamond Baguette Fan Ring
I really love this ring but my exboyfriend is a liar and cheat & I'm DONE!
For Sale $300.00
Genuine Diamond Slider 14kt Gold Ring Genuine Diamond Slider 14kt Gold Ring
Time to let go of the past and look to the future.
For Sale $350.00/OBO
Diamond Trilogy Ring Diamond Trilogy Ring
Thankful for past, present and future experiences.
For Sale $800
Engagement Ring and Wedding Band
So I was dating this guy, on our 4 year anniversary he proposed, I said yes. The next year and a half I planned our entire wedding by myself, he wa...
For Sale $1200.00
1.76 Princess Cut Diamond Ring
Not much to tell. Was a gift and ready to sell to get something new!
For Sale $2700
Gorgeous Natural Ruby 14k Gold Cocktail Ring
My exboyfriend got it for me on our 2nd year of our relationship. We had a lot of chemistry but he just couldn't behave himself. I can't stand chea...
For Sale $200 Free Shipping
gorgeous art deco ring vintage
letting it all go..seen the exact same ring selling for 3400.
For Sale $850.00
Oval Aquamarine in 10k White Gold with 4 diamond accent, size 5
Long story short: Long distance relationship for 4 years and a half, ends when I left everything, family, country, friends behind and we moved in t...
For Sale $150.00
Platinum Genuine Marquis Diamond Solitaire
Tough times and have held on to this far too long.
For Sale $650
Beautiful Morganite and Rose Gold Engagement Ring
Engagement called off, we weren't a perfect fit but this ring could be for you!
For Sale $1,000
Elegant Natural Ruby & Diamond 10k Yellow Gold-Size 7.25
My exboyfriend got it for me on our 2nd year of our relationship. We had a lot of chemistry but he just couldn't behave himself. I can't stand chea...
SOLD!! $110.00
near flawless super clean diamond band
Just letting go..
For Sale $1500.00
Vera Wang 1 CT T.W.
Engagment called off. Buy this beautiful ring, please. Vera Wang Size: 6.75 with warranty & protection plan, meaning sizing and being redipped ...
For Sale $2,500
Diamond Bridal Set
Recently divorced. This is the 2nd set that was purchased. The first set was sold bc we were separated, then we got back together and bought this s...
For Sale $1,600.00
Garnet and Multi Gemstone Ring
Bought for her and now she is gone. This was in her collection which i bought her and she left behind.
For Sale $85.00
My ex proposed with this beauty, but then a month into the engagement I found out he was cheating. I was fortunate enough to move on and find my tr...
For Sale $10,000 (AUD)
1.25 CT Natural Princess Cut Diamond Eternity Wedding Band 14K
Not into drama
For Sale $550
Large 1.55 Ct Natural Diamond Engagement Ring Halo Split Shank 14k Certified
Not into drama
For Sale $650
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